- Snowflakes are among the most delicate and beautiful illustrations of God's creativity -

Snowflake #34

Doug Wewer has been photographing snowflakes in Utah's Wasatch Range since 2009. He specializes in capturing real snowflakes wherever they fall, on a variety of surfaces, including wood and glass. He is constantly experimenting with new techniques, using his engineering skills to customize or build his own equipment.

First snowflake photograph, February 13, 2009 at Brighton, Utah

Doug has loved snow his entire life, and spends as much time as he can on skis in the mountains. As a ski patroller and avalanche professional, he has looked at countless snow crystals through a variety of lenses. When he realized that these tiny, delicate snowflakes could be captured by camera, a whole new adventure began. Now, when the conditions are right, you will often find Doug outside in the cold, with his headlamp and camera, trying to capture "just one more" snowflake. It has evolved into his own personal treasure hunt; one that he would like to share with you.


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