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Snowflake #127


Photographed December 15, 2020 near the bottom of Snowbasin.

A friend and I skinned to the top of the Needles gondola for a morning ski workout.  We watched the sun rise over a sea of clouds, with bluebird skies overhead. As we descended, I expected to disappear into the typical inversion fog, but instead it was snowing!  I’ve only seen this happen a handful of times where the shallow cloud layer had just the right conditions to form nice looking snowflakes. At first, tiny diamond-dust snowflakes fell – almost too small to photograph.  The clouds lifted higher over the next couple of hours, giving the snowflakes more time to grow.  The result:  this ornate, feathery beauty, coated with a hint of rime.

Temperature: 18°F
Elevation: 6400’


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