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Snowflake #137


Photographed January 19, 2022 at Powder Mountain at the top of Woody’s World.

A few snowflake flurries drifted lazily from the sky outside my window. It wasn’t even supposed to snow today. But they were perfectly shaped. It was too warm at my house to photograph the snowflakes, so I drove as high as I could, to near the top of Powder Mountain where it was much colder. A pink pillar of light on the horizon caught my eye and I stopped at the top of Woody’s World to watch the sunset. The snowflakes looked good and the wind wasn’t too strong, so I set up right there as the colorful sunset faded away. My eyes immediately focused on more than a dozen perfectly shaped crystals on my snowflake board. Usually I’m fortunate to find one or two at a time. The next two hours produced the best images of the season so far. Then the clouds cleared, the stars came out and the nearly full moon rose over the top of Hidden Lake summit. It was a truly magical evening.

Temperature: 15°F
Elevation: 8800’


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