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Snowflake #122 Triptych


Photographed February 22, 2019 in Park City in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

Snowflakes usually have six arms. But not always. This rare 3-arm snowflake was photographed as it melted from the heat of the light used to illuminate it. The series was photographed over a 5 minute period early in the morning in Park City. A wrap-around storm hit the area just right, with calm winds, very cold air and steady light snowfall – perfect conditions for complex & unusual snowflake shapes. It’s one of my favorites.

Temperature: 3°F
Elevation: 6900’

This artwork is a Triptych (Set of 3) prints sold together as a set and is only available in metal.

To purchase a single print of the first image of this series, click here.


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